Server hardware and software distance education system

       The university for its 75-year history has a significant experience in training specialists on the job for all sectors of the economy, science and culture of the region, republic and world space. Evening and correspondence courses have been organized since 1957, when an evening department was opened on the basis of the Kazakh Chemical Technology Institute, and since 1959 - a correspondence Institute. Over the past time, due to the introduction of new information technologies in education, the faculty was reorganized in 2008 into the Institute of Distance Learning (IDL). Institute of Distance Learning provides correspondence education on the basis of secondary professional and higher education according to shortened educational programs. At the same time, after a long time, evening training is organized.

Over the past 10 years, training of specialists has been implemented on the basis of information and communication technology. 
The University has introduced modern distance learning technologies. Today, SKU is one of the leading universities in the field of e-learning in Kazakhstan. 

An educational portal has been developed on the basis of the Prometheus distance learning system 
To provide the educational process with high-quality electronic educational materials, a specialized integrated video studio and an electronic content development center have been created. 
The Center has developed 1212 electronic educational and methodological publications, including 143 virtual laboratories. 
According to the results of the national rating of educational programs conducted by the Independent Kazakhstan Agency for Quality Assurance in Education (IQAA), the organization of the distance learning portal of the SKU is recognized as one of the best in the republic. 
Electronic educational and methodological complexes, virtual laboratories, and video lectures posted on the portal are also available in the mobile version. 
Thus, the possibility of wide coverage of the full-fledged educational service of an extensive contingent of students from among those operating in various fields of production with the help of smartphones, tablets, etc.
The portal has a page for applicants with appropriate methodological support and the possibility of trial testing.
Currently, the teaching staff of the university, in order to ensure a high level of quality of the training course, is engaged in the development of mass open online courses (MOOCs) with an assessment of the conformity of learning outcomes and student competencies. 
The developed online courses are posted on a special website 

        In order to implement the Address of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev to the people "Five social initiatives of the President" to improve the accessibility and quality of higher education, as well as the program for the development of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2016-2019 for the accessibility of education in the regions, as well as near and far abroad, representative offices of the university have been opened. In particular, in 2013, a representative office was opened in Aktau for the Mangystau region, headed by Cand of Tech Sci, associate professor Kudasov K.K. During the work of the Representative Office for the Mangystau region, about 500 specialists of the highest category were prepared, which work in various industries of production and the social sphereIn 2016, a representative office was opened for Central Kazakhstan in the city of Karaganda, the director of which is PhD Doctor Zhapparova R.E. During the work of the representative office, more than 150 bachelors have been trained for industrial Central Kazakhstan.In 2017, a representative office was opened in Moscow, the director of which was appointed Cand of Econ, associate professor V.A. Kaplin. The representative office in Moscow is organized in order to attract residents of the Moscow region and Kazakhstani citizens working in this region, as well as to establish cooperation with other educational institutions of the Russian Federation on joint educational programs.
All representative offices are equipped with modern information and communication technology and are integrated into a common educational portal of IDL SKU.
        The main goal of the Institute's staff is to achieve the level of a digital institute with a formed electronic educational environment, provided with material and technical resources, capable of providing educational and organizational services in electronic format. Achievements - present and future of the Institute are associated with the names of the organizers and leaders of evening and distance learning, famous scientists and teachers: Stalnov N.A., Kuchmisty B.I., Smogorzhevsky V.U., Turekhanov K.T., Rodents V.A., Baybulekov A.B., Mutaliev N.M., Seitzhanov K.S., Ishanov A.U., Lysenko N.I., Mamytov M., Zholdasov S.Z., Akhmetov T.A., Eltaev A., Aimenov J.T., Tasbolat B., Tleuov A. S., Umbetov U.U.

Currently, the head of the Institute of Distance Learning continues the tradition of training specialists who possess modern educational technologies.
The IDL is headed by Doct of Ped Sci, professor Kozybayev E.Sh. Currently, the Institute of Distance Learning trains highly qualified personnel in 71 specialties

Classes are conducted by over 140 doctors of sciences and professors, about 600 candidates of sciences, associate professors. About 4,700 students from different regions of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries study at the Institute.
Among the graduates of the Institute's technical specialties there are many well-known heads of state and public organizations and enterprises in the republic and the region, such as Zhylkyshiev B.A., Tshanov A.K., Aldanov A.U., Zhanabaev B.Zh., Tuzelbayev B.A., Aitbayev B.A., Neiman I.E., Zhukova O.V., Suschitsky G.N., Urazbayev J.S., Kozhanov K., Bulegenov E., Beiseev M.A., Aldanov H., Bilisbekov E.D., Adilkhanov N., Aliev B. etc.
The rating of graduates of creative specialties of the Institute is high. Among them are national Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan Eskalieva N., Khasangaliev E., Zhunusova M., Omarov M., Ilyasov M., Kusayynov B. Gaisin R., E. Malbekov, M. Kokenov, L. Esenov, Z. Kasteeva, R. Kalanova, F. Zholynbetova and many others.

        The names of the graduate athletes of the Institute are known all over the world: Bekzat Sattarkhanov, Mukhtarkhan Dildabekov, Bazarbek Dombay, Olga Dovgun, Anna Vazhenina, Yerkebulan Shynaliev, Birzhan Zhakipov, Kairat Yeraliev, Elena Shalygina, Rashid Yunusmetov, Oksana Sereda, Angelina Mishchuk, Andrey Mogilevsky.
        As the President of Kazakhstan N.A.Nazarbayev noted, "... the country is moving towards a post-industrial world in which the triad "education - science - innovation" rules. We are consistently modernizing the national education system, bringing it closer to international standards." The Institute of Distance Learning is open to all innovations inherent in the modern international educational space and is ready to provide education at a modern level.